Gabor Dornyei Teaching Weekend

Gabor Dornyie Teaching Weekend


Gabor Dornyei teaching weekend at dD Drums: We often host guest teaching days or weekends at dD Drums. Since last year’s Scottish Drum Fair we’ve been really keen to get Gabor up for a few days teaching at the shop.

Gabor is a truly virtuoso drummer and an accomplished educator so he’s an ideal guy to have available to cover a huge range of subjects. These lessons are rarely aimed at particular ability or age levels which was demonstrated by the great range of students Gabs taught over the weekend.

 Gabor Dornyie Teaching Weekend    Gabor Dornyie Teaching Weekend

Gabor Dornyie Teaching Weekend

We’re passionate about bringing people like Gabor to the shop so that drummers can be taught by the best drummers in the world. We also like to take lessons ourselves when the timetabling allows it and we were both knocked out by the amount of information Gabs gave us through each of lessons. It was genuinely inspiring from both a drumming and teaching perspective. 


We always have great experiences with our guest teachers and this weekend was no exception. Gabor was not only a huge hit with the students, but a pleasure to be around for the few days he was up – we even managed to successfully introduce him in to proper Scottish soft drinks!


Gabor Dornyie Teaching Weekend   Gabor Dornyie Teaching Weekend


He had some very lovely words to say about weekend below – we can’t wait to have Gabs back at dD Drums for another round of teaching!


“David and Stuart at dD Drums are absolutely amazing! 

They’re not only experts and successful professionals in the drumming business,

but wonderful, friendly and supportive human beings as well. It is very important!


I had a great time holding private lessons at dD Drums in Falkirk, and we were laughing

so bad throughout the entire weekend, that it was painful! LOL


Can’t wait for my next visit!


All the best: Gabs”