17″ Generation X China Crash

17″ Generation X China Crash

What we say: The 17″ Generation X China Crash is a great, modern sounding cymbal with a new shape design giving it a unique character. This cymbal is ideal for exploring new sounds and using as part of a stack. Works well as both a crash and a china.

£214.00 £149.00

Product Description

The 17″ Generation X China Crash Large cut-outs, exceptionally defined shape and wavy edge makes this cymbal outstanding and innovative. It delivers an extreme trashy sound with a lot of aggressive bite. Useable as a crash or a china for accenting and punctuating.

Styles:Rock, Pop, Fusion, RNB, Reggae, Studio, World, Electro
CharacterExperimental, Modern
VolumeMedium to Low
Weight: Thin
Finish: Brilliant
Material: B12

Additional Information
Cymbal Type

China, Crash