Aquarian DrumKit TOOLS  –  t-TAB

Aquarian DrumKit TOOLS – t-TAB

What we say: t-TABS are a cleaner, neater and more durable way of controlling drum sustain compared to traditional gel. 


Product Description

DrumKit TOOLS by Aquarian

Sensible and cost effective solutions to modify your drum sound and to keep you playing.

Getting the perfect drum sound takes the right drum, with the right drumhead and a working knowledge of how to fine tune the drum for the music and the room. Having the right tools to modify the sound can make it quick and easy.

DrumKitTOOLS is a collection of simple and practical solutions for helping you fine-tune your drum sound, maintain and extend the life of your drumheads, and temporarily fix things when they break!

 The t-TAB is a simple and practical tool for modifying your drum sound with professional results.

* Focus the frequencies of the drumhead

* Reduce or adjust decay

* Increase clarity and attack

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