What we Say: De Gregorio’s CALIMA cajon is a great sounding instrument with a lovely natural look with DG’s design on the front panel.


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The Calima is a no-nonsense cajón for the novice and the professional alike. With an all-birch body, a 3-ply, 3 mm birch front-plate (tapa), and 2 tunable steel-string snares, this cajón is everything you want with nothing you don’t.

The resonant lows, cutting highs, and sensitive snare response of the Calima shine in any musical setting, and its top-quality construction is what you’ve come to expect from DG.

Size: 49 x 29 x 29 cmSides : 9mm in 9 plies of Baltic Birch
Back : 3 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch
Front : 3 mm in 3 plies of Baltic Birch
Snare system: 2 tunable steel strings
Finish: polyurethane lacquer
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