Istanbul Agop Xist 20″ Power Ride & B400 Stand

Istanbul Agop Xist 20″ Power Ride & B400 Stand

What we say: This Xist 20″ Power Ride is has amazing stick definition with an extremely powerful raw bell and a relatively short decay.

Comes bundles with the Mapex B400 Cymbal Boom Stand.

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Product Description

Musical and Modern

XIST series cymbals offer clear, articulate sticking and dark moderate overtones.
By combining modern production techniques with traditional Turkish hand hammering Istanbul Agop have created a quality cymbal at a price that is accessible to drummers at any level.
Traditional –  Natural finish with clear but darker tone.
Brilliant – Highly polished with brighter tone.
Power – Highly polished and heavier for more power.
Size: 20″
Material: B20
Finish: Brilliant
Sound: Bright, Focused and Musical
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Mapex B400 Boom