Kinsman iPad/Tablet Holder

Kinsman iPad/Tablet Holder

What we say: This is one of the handiest gadgets going for the gigging drummer who uses their tablet for clicks, backing tracks or music. Stick it anywhere you like on your kit and angle to suit. It even detaches from the clamp to become a able-top stand!


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Product Description

Fond of clamping stuff on to other stuff? Well, if that’s your thing, you’re in luck, because Kinsman has come out with a new range of practical clamp-on holders for your every musical need.

This is the iPad/Tablet Clamp (KIP01 – particularly useful for forgetful singers who may wish to have lyrics on hand while they’re at the mic! Besides clamping on to a mic or cymbal stand, you can use it free standing on the top of your piano or in the studio because it’s also got a handy flipout back stand.

All the Kinsman clamp-on holders come in a classy black finish, have a very firm grip and they’re strong enough to take whatever weight you throw at them, time and time again.

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