Little Booty Shakers (black)

Little Booty Shakers (black)

What we say: Little Booty Shakers are isolation mounts to reduce the contact between a drum and snare drum stand – either a tom mounted on a snare stand or a snare drum. The Little Booty Shakers allow your drum to resonate naturally and increase sustain and tone.


Product Description

The Little Booty Shakers are made specifically for Snare Drums and Tom-Toms mounted on a Snare Stand:

  • The patented shape of Little Booty Shakers has adjustable Velcro straps allowing them to fit on any stand and eliminate the transfer of vibrations from your snare drum or tom-tom and its stand (which chokes sustain and sound.)
  • By eliminating the transfer of vibrations Little Booty Shakers improves the volume and projection of your snare drum or mounted tom and prevents premature sound decay created by your drum and its contact with the stand.
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