MEINL Add-on Conga

What we say: The MEINL Add-on Conga is perfect for players who like to layer or accent their conga rhythms with effects and accessories, the MEINL Add-on Conga includes 2 brackets with a wooden bass holder and cymbal attachment arm. The wooden badd holder comes equipped with hook and loop fasteners to mount instruments like castanets, while the Z shaped cymbal arm is perfect for percussion splashes and crashes. Great for creating a small conga kit to use in acoustic performances.


Product Description

The MEINL Add on Conga has a front facing sound port for added projection. The Drum is made from Two Ply Siam Oak and features a hand selected buffalo hide head with 8mm tuning lugs and 2mm rim. Add-on Conga includes two mounting brackets with wooden base holder with hook and loop fastener and a cymbal holder.

Additional Information



11″ Quinto, 27″ Tall