MEINL Byzance Jazz 14″ Thin Hi-Hats – Handpicked by dD Drums

MEINL Byzance Jazz 14″ Thin Hi-Hats – Handpicked by dD Drums

What we say: These Jazz 14″ Thin Hi-Hats have a soft, buttery sound yet retain plenty of articulation thanks to the heavier, extra-dry bottom hat.

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Byzance Jazz. The touch and tone of these cymbals, with their soft, buttery, sink-yourstick feel and low, dark tonalities, add up to a very personalized sound. A closer look at the hammering on some models reveals large and deep dimpling that boosts dryness and darkness.

Styles: Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Studio, World, Electro
Timbre: Dark
Character: Complex, Musical
Pitch: Low
Volume: Low
Sustain: Short
Weight: Thin
Finish: Traditional
Material: B20
Lathe: Narrow Blade

Handpicked by dD Drums

We’re proud to be MEINL’s exclusive Handpicked Byzance dealer for Scotland. We select a huge range of incredible cymbals straight from the MEINL factory in Gutenstetten, Germany. This means that not only do we carry the best stock of MEINL cymbals in Scotland, but that every cymbal bearing our laser-engraved logo under the bell was the very best example we could find in the factory. There’s no better way to buy a Byzance…