MEINL Pure Alloy – 18″ Crash

What we say: The MEINL Pure Alloy series are bright, shimmering cymbals that have a great wash and sustain. The Pure Alloy cymbals hark back to the styles of the 19070’s and 80’s rock sound. These are great all round cymbals.

£221.00 £155.00

Product Description

The MEINL Pure Alloy crashes hit you with a bold punch filled with highs, mids and lows, followed by a medium to long sustain.


Styles – Rock, Pop, Fusion, RNB, Reggae, Studio
Timbre – Mid-Dark
Character – Shimmering Clarity
Pitch – High-Mid
Volume – Medium to Low
Sustain – Medium
Weight – Medium
Finish – Traditional
Material – Pure Alloy
Lathe – Pinpoint

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