Rhythm Frontier, Pete Lockett and Gábor Dörnyei DVD

Rhythm Frontier, Pete Lockett and Gábor Dörnyei DVD

What we say: Rhythm Frontier is a performance DVD like no other. Watch these two masters of their craft explore world music and rhythmic possibilities like never before.


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Product Description

Master percussionist Pete Lockett and virtuoso drummer Gábor Dörnyei come together for a unique DVD release, Rhythm Frontier. The duo combines percussion from all over the world with western drum set in a musical and spellbinding array of contemporary compositions. Recorded in Budapest in the state of the art Super Size Recording studios and produced by one of Europe’s leading video producers Robert Zoltan Hunjka, the release is a creative first for drum set and percussion. Take a rhythmic journey like no other and sit back for ninety minutes of percussive marvel!