Rockschool – Drums Grade 7

Rockschool – Drums Grade 7

What we say: The Rockschool – Drums Grade 7 book begins pushes further into advanced techniques, taking you closer to professional-level playing, with new technical tools which will be essential to you as your playing progresses.


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Product Description

The Rockschool – Drums Grade 7 book will be essential if you’re to pass the pro-level challenges in the Grade 6 exam, which include broken 16th-note rolls, Pataflafla, single and double ratamacues… Hey, you didn’t think this was going to be easy, did you?

What you’ll learn at Grade 7

  • Broken 16th-note rolls, 32nd-note rolls, ‘Amen Break’
  • Single strokes developed, paradiddle-diddles, Pataflafla, single and double ratamacues, 7- and 9-stroke rolls, Stylistic Studies
  • Playback and performance skills
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