Rockschool – Drums Grade 8

Rockschool – Drums Grade 8

What we say: The Rockschool – Drums Grade 8 book aims to complete your grounding in drumming education. The book introduces more complex odd-time signatures, as well as the usual progression in hand and foot techniques.


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Product Description

The Rockschool – Drums Grade 8 book covers the in-depth knowledge you’ll need to tackle the full array of techniques and theoretical challenges you’ll face in your Grade 8 exam – pass this, and you’re truly ready to roll with the best in the world of rock and pop. Good luck!

What you’ll learn at Grade 8

  • Double bass drum, advanced stylistic grooves, complex time-signature changes and syncopation
  • Single strokes developed, alternative paradiddle-diddles, Swiss Army triplet, pataflafla, single and double triple ratamacue, rolls, Stylistic Studies
  • Playback and performance skills
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