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iPad/Tablet Shoulder Bag

What we say: The Protection Racket iPad/Tablet Bag is the perfect, compact carry case for your tablet. It has all the needed pockets for other items when you’re on the move.


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Protection Racket Musicians Tool Kit Bag

What we say: Protection Racket’s Tool Kit Bag is a must have for any musician. The bag is perfect for a huge selection of spares and minor repair equipment all easily located within the bags pouches. Also perfect for the small, but pricy, gig essentials such as in ear monitors, ear plugs, usb sticks and short jack leads/converters.


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Protection Racket Wallet (red/white logo)

What we say:  Take care of your money with this stylish red/white logo Protection Racket wallet.

£10.00 £8.00

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Protection Racket Washbag

What we say: The Protection Racket Washbag is the perfect travel companion for all you touring players with the same attention to detail and quality you would trust to safeguard your most prized possessions, your drums and cymbals, now for your toothbrush!


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