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Protection Racket Electronic Drum Kit Bag

What we say: This Protection Racket Electronic Drum Kit bag will ensure your electronic drum kit remains unscathed during transit or allows it to be safely stowed away. Protection rackets design allows you to store the kit in a safe and compact way with its internal dividers. A great buy, and must have for your e-kit.



Protection Racket Hardware Case (With Wheels) – 28in

What we say: The Protection Racket Hardware Case – 28in is an absolute must for the gigging drummer. The wheels and luggage handle make heavier loads easier to manage while the relatively compact size makes it idea for more compact spaces. 


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Protection Racket Musicians Tool Kit Bag

What we say: Protection Racket’s Tool Kit Bag is a must have for any musician. The bag is perfect for a huge selection of spares and minor repair equipment all easily located within the bags pouches. Also perfect for the small, but pricy, gig essentials such as in ear monitors, ear plugs, usb sticks and short jack leads/converters.


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Protection Racket Single Pedal Case

What we say: The Protection Racket Single Pedal Case will fit any standard bass drum pedal. The carry handles are specially designed for ease of transit making the awkwardly shaped bag very easy to carry. The bag has ample space for all your bass drum pedal spares and accessories.


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Protection Racket Snare Drum/Single Pedal Combo Case

What we Say: The Protection Racket Snare Drum/Single Pedal Combo Case will save you from that extra bit of luggage and will allow you to have a safe place to store your single pedal. Also ideal for those kit share gigs where the need to bring your pedal makes travel just the bit more awkward!


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