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MEINL Cymbal Arm

What we say: The MEINL Cymbal arm is the perfect lightweight solution to adding extra cymbals or sounds to your kit. The Arm comes with a MEINL Multi-Clamp and boom arm for variable positioning options. Simply attach to an existing stand and position for your cymbal/cowbell/percussion block needs!


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MEINL Cymbal Holder

What we say: The MIENL Cymbal Holder is ideal for adding an extra cymbal to your set up with minimal hardware, and taking up as little space as possible. Great for your kit or small percussion set up.


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MEINL Cymbal Stacker Long

What we say: The MIENL Cymbal Stacker is a fantastic space saving idea that allows you to build your set up vertically on top on your existing stands. Meaning you don’t have to break your back with an extra stand for that splash!


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MEINL Direct Drive Cajon Pedal

What we say: The MEINL Direct Drive Cajon Pedal is a new way of playing the cajon with a pedal that allows you to sit comfortably with the pedal directly in front of you, as if playing a bass drum. The design of the pedal allows you to position your foot where it is most comfortable.



MEINL Foam Rubber Cajon Beater

What we say: The Foam Rubber Cajon Beater fits on to any cajon pedal as well as MEINL Cajon pedals. The beater has multiple playing surfaces for a variety of sounds. This attachment really brings out the low end of the instrument.



MEINL X-Hat Auxiliary Hi-Hat Arm

What we say:  The MEINL X-Hat is the perfect piece of equipment for mounting auxiliary hi hats on any existing stand. Very competitively priced and elegantly designed. A great addition to your kit.