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Istanbul Xist 20″ Brilliant Ride (Pre-Owned) [old logo]

What we say: This Pre Owned Istanbul Xist 20″ Brilliant Ride has been well used and has the usual signs of general wear and tear as expected. The Cymbal is a fantastic upgrade or addition to any beginner set up and works well across a wide range of music.


Out of stock

Paiste 18″ Fast Crash (pre-owned)

What we say:  This Pre Owned  18″ Paiste Fast Crash sounds like new and there are next to no signs of use. Very good condition. This is a great sounding cymbal with a very bright tone and extremely fast action.

£240.00 £185.00

Pre Owned Paiste Signature 12″ Hi Hats

What we say: These pre owned hi hats have minor signs of use, logo fade, slight patina, however no dings, dents or key-holing, Some minor scratches on the bottom hat, however nothing that effects the sound. Fantastic sounding hi hats with a great, crisp attack.

£200.00 £175.00

Pre-Owned 13″ Zildjian A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats

What we say: These Pre-Owned 13″ Zildjian A Custom Mastersound Hi Hats have aged brilliantly. The sound is better than ever, slightly darker due to a heavy patina but a great ‘chick’ and snap sound. Very bright sounding without being overpowering. There is significant logo fade, but not cracks or keyholing. Particularly suited to pop/funk music but an overall fantastic all rounder.


Vintage Paiste 1000 14″ Heavy Hi Hats

What we say:  The Vintage Paiste 1000 14″ Heavy Hi Hats are a really nice sounding pair of hats, very crisp and clean.


Out of stock