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Forecast Custom Amber Acrylic Snare Drum – 14x6in

What we say: This is Forecast Custom Amber snare is seriously cool new take on a classic acrylic look. The slightly thinner shell gives an extra bit of resonance alongside the typical acrylic power! 

£329.00 £264.00

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Forecast Custom Coke Bottle Acrylic Snare Drum – 14×6.5in

What we say: This is visually one of the most insane drums we’ve ever had at dD Drums! Amazing craftsmanship from the guys at Forecast with a mighty sound to match its looks.

£349.00 £279.00

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Gretsch Taylor Hawkins Signature Snare Drum – 14×6.5in

What we say: The Taylor Hawkins Signature Snare Drum from Gretsch is possibly one of the best value drums available anywhere! Amazing sound, build quality and specs. 


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Ludwig Acrolite 5×14 Hammered Snare

Ludwig is proud to re-introduce Acrolite in its original splendor; with a seamless, beaded, brushed-aluminum shell. Made in Monroe, North Carolina, USA.

The Acrolite features chrome Classic dual snare lugs, P85 strainer, and Blue/Olive Badge.

£500.00 £400.00

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Ludwig Breakbeats by ?uestlove – Black Sparkle

What we say: The Ludwig Breakbeats Kit is a fantastic sounding kit that is versatile and packs a punch, despite its small size.


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Ludwig Supralite Snare Drum – 14×5.5in

What we say: The 14×5.5in Supralite is potentially the most versatile budget snare drum on the market. It has a great tone with perfect sensitivity matched with a classic Ludwig look and feel.

£197.00 £159.00

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Ludwig Supralite Snare Drum – 14×6.5in

What we say: The 14×6.5in Supralite is a fantastic value snare drum with a huge tuning range and great projection. It also has a relatively warm and well rounded tone for a steel shell.

£199.00 £162.00

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Mapex Armory Tomahawk 14 x 5.5 Steel Snare Drum – Pre-Owned

Excellent clean condition, pre-owned snare drum.

BIG sound, small budget.

£170.00 £146.00

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Meinl 8″ Snare Timbale, Black

The Meinl 8″Snare Timbale features a crisp snare effect. The super-positive snare throw-off is fast and simple. Meinl have designed a special bracket to hold the snare wires absolutely quiet and chatter-free in the off position.

What we say: Great addition to any kit or percussion rig to extend your sound palette. Amazing for percussive jams & Drum n’ Bass

£100.00 £80.00

1 in stock (can be backordered)

Pre Owned Highwood Custom 13 x 5.5 Snare

What we say: This  custom Highwood snare is in great condition, like new. It has a lovely finish with great attention to detail, in particular the very smooth, silent, Dunnet snare throw. The snare works well as both a main or secondary snare, with a wide tuning range.

£270.00 £216.00

Pre Owned PDP 14×6 805 Snare Drum

What we say: This Pre Owned PDP 14×6 805 Snare Drum is a great piece of gear at the price point. The drum is in a good condition with little signs of wear. A versatile drum that can work in a verity of musical situations.

£80.00 £64.00

Pre-Owned Vintage Premier 14 x 5 Snare Drum

Pre-Owned Vintage Premier Snare Drum.

14 x 5, Black Diamond Pearl. Birch Shell, beach reinforcement rings.
Early 60’s model.

There are signs of pitting and general wear, as expected for a drum of this age.

Beautiful snare drum in excellent condition.

£180.00 £160.00

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