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Forecast Custom Amber Acrylic Snare Drum – 14x6in

What we say: This is Forecast Custom Amber snare is seriously cool new take on a classic acrylic look. The slightly thinner shell gives an extra bit of resonance alongside the typical acrylic power! 

£329.00 £264.00

1 in stock


Forecast Custom Coke Bottle Acrylic Snare Drum – 14×6.5in

What we say: This is visually one of the most insane drums we’ve ever had at dD Drums! Amazing craftsmanship from the guys at Forecast with a mighty sound to match its looks.

£349.00 £279.00

1 in stock


Gretsch Taylor Hawkins Signature Snare Drum – 14×6.5in

What we say: The Taylor Hawkins Signature Snare Drum from Gretsch is possibly one of the best value drums available anywhere! Amazing sound, build quality and specs. 


Out of stock


Pre Owned Highwood Custom 13 x 5.5 Snare

What we say: This  custom Highwood snare is in great condition, like new. It has a lovely finish with great attention to detail, in particular the very smooth, silent, Dunnet snare throw. The snare works well as both a main or secondary snare, with a wide tuning range.

£270.00 £216.00

WorldMax Steel Snare Drum – 14×5.5in

What we say: The WorldMax Classic Steel Snare Drum – 14×5.5in is an articulate, bright snare drum that punches miles above its weight in terms of sound and build quality.

£120.00 £98.00

1 in stock (can be backordered)