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52mm Tension Rods

What we say: Every drummer needs spares, and you don’t want to be caught short with a missing/damaged tension rod at the last minute. Always good to have spared to make sure your drums sound the way the should. Alternatively you could have the need for a total replacement of old, rusty rods. This


Booty Shakers

What we say: The booty shakers enhance the sound of your floor tom by limiting the contact with the floor though the floor tom legs, and in turn increase the resonance, sustain and low end frequency of the drum. These simple, easy to use, mounts can instantly transform your drum sound.


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Custom Percussion Black Custom Throne

What we say: This Black Custom Drum Throne looks great and is super comfy, sturdy and durable. Everything you could ask for in a drum throne without breaking the bank.

£144.00 £115.00

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Custom Percussion Red Custom Throne

What we say: This Red Custom Drum Throne looks great and is super comfy, sturdy and durable. Everything you could ask for in a drum throne without breaking the bank.

£144.00 £115.00

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Gibraltar 9707XB Brake Xhat With Arm And Clamp

What we say: The Gibraltar 9707XB Brake Xhat With  Arm And Clamp is a super adjustable xhat solution from Gibraltar. The clamp easily attaches to your cymbal stand or rack and the arm allows for optimal reach and positioning. The hi hat tension can be adjusted to your liking and locked in place for future consistency.


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Gibraltar SC-XHAT

What we say: The SC-XHAT allows you to mount your hats onto an existing cymbal stand and convert it into an xhat stand. This allows you to position your xhats the same way as any other cymbal without having to rely on additional clamps and boom arms.  The mount allows you to adjust the tension of your hats to your preference, be it tight and choked or open and washy.


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Kinsman iPad/Tablet Holder

What we say: This is one of the handiest gadgets going for the gigging drummer who uses their tablet for clicks, backing tracks or music. Stick it anywhere you like on your kit and angle to suit. It even detaches from the clamp to become a able-top stand!


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Little Booty Shakers (black)

What we say: Little Booty Shakers are isolation mounts to reduce the contact between a drum and snare drum stand – either a tom mounted on a snare stand or a snare drum. The Little Booty Shakers allow your drum to resonate naturally and increase sustain and tone.



Ludwig Atlas Classic Hi-Hat Stand

What we say: The Ludwig Atlas Classic Hi-Hat Stand is a beautifully styled and sturdy bit of kit that retains the light-weight of the rest of the Atlas Classic range.


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Ludwig Atlas Classic Snare Stand

What we say: The Ludwig Atlas Snare Stand offers great positioning possibilities in a well designed lightweight package.


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Ludwig Atlas Standard Hi-Hat Stand

What we say: The Ludwig Atlas Standard Hi-Hat stand has a solid heavy-duty design that represents great value.


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MEINL Black Sheep Cajon Beater

What we say: The Black Sheep Cajon Beater fits on to any cajon pedal as well as MEINL Cajon pedals. The beater can be adjusted to your cajon to find the sweet spot for the most rich bass tone. Perfect for lower volume playing where less of an attack is required.