Let us find you the perfect Byzance…

Let us find you the perfect Byzance…

As you’ll probably know by now, dD Drums are the exclusive “H

andpicked” dealer of Meinl Byzance cymbals in Scotland. Not only does this mean that the cymbals you get from us will have been carefully hand selected from the factory in Germany , but it means that we can pick something particularly special for you from the thousands of gorgeous cymbals at Meinl HQ.

IMG_4765It might be that you’ve heard a particularly nasty Extra Dry Dual Crash on an Anika Nilles video and you’re desperate for one just like it. Or you might love the Sand Ride but wish you could find one that’s just a bit more crash-able. Whatever you’re looking for in a Byzance – we can help you find it.  You can send us sound or video clips of what sort of sound you’re looking for, or you can even describe your ideal qualities to us and we’ll find one that fits the bill.

The variance in hand-crafted instruments is always greater than their machine-made counterparts. While we’ve never heard a bad Meinl cymbal, it’s truly amazing to stand in the factory and pick one sound out of sometimes dozens of options that you feel perfectly represents what the customer is looking for.

Why just take our word for it though? We’ve already picked some stunning cymbals for our customers over the last few visits to Germany, and you can read about what they think here:

“Well I needed a new crash, I’d heard the 18″ Byzance Sand Crash on YouTube through Stephen’s Drumshed, fell in love with the sound and knew I had to have one in my setup. Shortly after that dD Drums start selling the Byzance range. I wanted something special cause I knew they would be popular so I had them hand pick some for me to choose from and got the dD stamp on the underside for good measure.” – Gary Gilmour 

I’d been after a set of Dual Hi-Hats since I saw Anika Nilles use them in one of her videos, so I’d asked for a set as close as possible to that sound and David excelled it. Awesome and seriously versatile cymbals. I don’t think I’ll ever hear anything better.  Thanks so much to David for picking them out for me. The personal touch makes a huge difference and I love the dD logo under the bell. – Ross Walker

Finally we have Iain’s words on his experience of us selecting him a Transition Ride. We reckon it’s our favourite ever testimonial and we think you’ll agree…

“During my search for ‘my’ perfect ride cymbal, a gauntlet was thrown down at the good knights of dD Drums.

A tactical briefing that included the following precise instructions was completed:

• warm bell with underlying wash

• dark ping off the bow with more wash

• crash-able like a bandicoot with the warm mids

• but (most important and why I have struggled to find a crash-able ride that suits my style and ear) the sustain must be minimal and decays quickly – As soon as you finish crashing, it returns to a traditional ride feel.

These shamens of sticks laughed and advised that such a cymbal did indeed exist, but many had fallen in the attempts to retrieve it.

A journey akin to Frodo through Mordor ensued, and the mighty Germanic gods of hammers were vanquished.

The shiny that returned did indeed deliver all that was promised and with a grin I exclaimed, “Cheers Dave, love it! Now Stu, about mismatched 16″ crash/hi-hats…..” – Iain Carson Brown. Pictured with his new Transition Ride below.


You can check out our full stock of “Handpicked by dD Drums” Byzance here!